Hey you! Are you lost?

You have just landed on my little obscure website. What’s up!

My name is Cosipa Apisoc, I am a GNU+Linux user. I have a love-hate relationship with tech. I believe in the decentralization of the internet and community-driven software. I find most corporate stuff evil.

I now have the pleasure to share my thoughts online while avoiding corporate social media. With this website I have full control of my stuff, no tracking or annoying modern web bloat.

I also use Mastodon occasionally, because it is controlled by individuals, and respects my freedom by not using an algorithmic feed.

Some stuff I’m enthusiastic about

In no particular order:

Some stuff I’m really not fond of

In no particular order:

If you want to contact me, you can do so via email, but in order to avoid spammers first decipher this code, sorry no hints: Y29udGFjdC5jb3NpcGEua294OHlAYWxlZWFzLmNvbQo=

Technicalities of the site

This is a static site powered by Hugo and hosted on Codeberg Pages; its source code is also hosted on Codeberg. Everything, including posts, was edited on Neovim and deployed from a Linux shell.