What is Lemmy and how to join?

🔖 1 ➜ Basics

❓ What is Lemmy?

Lemmy is a link aggregator, in many ways similar to Reddit, but with one key difference - there is no one central authority controlling Lemmy. The code is open source, and more importantly, there are hundreds of Lemmy instances which are all independently run. Even though instances are independent, they are all part of the Lemmy network, and thus, users of one instance can participate in communities of other instances.

❓ What is an instance?

❓ How to choose an instance?

❓ What are the differences between instances?

❓ What is federation? (Are instances connected?)

❓ Can I use the account I created on X instance and join any instance with it?

❓ Where do I find communities to follow?

You have several options!

❓ Where can I find mobile clients?

This megathread on lemmy world is great for exactly that: https://lemmy.world/post/465785



🔖 2 ➜ Platform questions: Lemmy / Kbin / etc

❓ Why can’t I see any/many posts and comments on an active thread on Lemmy?

❓ Where are the “Hot” and Important posts on Lemmy?

❓ What happens if the server my account is on goes down or nukes itself?

❓ How to create a community on Lemmy?



🔖 3 ➜ Fediverse

❓ How are the different fediverse apps connected?

If this sounds too complicated don’t worry, you don’t need to know these concepts early on. To understand all of this you need to know what the fediverse is and learn about its applications.



🔖 4 ➜ Other resources that may answer your questions.

Credit to @zinklog@lemmy.fmhy.net

⭐ db0’s New User Guide - link

Michael Altfield’s Guide - link

Fedi tips - link

Join the Fediverse - link


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